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A Leading Cybersecurity Solutions Provider
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Confluence Revamping Enterprise Messaging, Improving Client’s Capability In Demand Generation, & Sales Engagement

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A leading provider of enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions that enable real-time monitoring, zero trust protection of privileged accounts and Just-In-Time Administration (JITA) across IT/Security ecosystems. and protects organizations from data theft via stolen credentials, which is the #1 attack vector across all breaches.


Confluence was commissioned by a leading cybersecurity solution provider to improve their sales engagement capability. Enterprise and three key persona messaging were developed for each of the client’s buyer’s journey stages as the basis to clearly guide the creation of their marketing and sales assets. A content strategy was developed for all key personas the client targets.

A series of sales enablement assets were created for the sales team, including case studies, e-video, blog content, maturity framework, solution brief, product presentation, and more. A new corporate website with persona pain point focused content were developed. The new corporate website is empowered by a marketing automation system and demo booking function to boost sales efficiency. Confluence then tailor designed a corporate event in San Francisco to communicate the brand message of innovation to both existing and potential customers


Confluence’s expert experience of B2B sales process in the technology sector coupled with a flexible approach to strategy development and program execution ensured the client’s sales team leverage best practice materials. The new marketing strategy and assets were launched with a customer experience event which clearly articulated client’s brand value as the leading innovator in privileged access management. In just 6 weeks from brief to asset availability, the client’s sales team was able to use persona focused assets to improve their engagement with prospects.

“ The biggest value Confluence team provided was their ability to understand our business quickly and translate our product benefits into powerful assets and tools to articulate business value to our customers. The fast time to value meant our sales team was able to improve our engagement with prospects in an efficient manner. Their superior project management capability meant we didn’t have to spend our valuable resources at leadership level to manage multiple vendors.”

Bill Hall, President of Sustainable Tourism Roadmap Committee

About Confluence

Confluence is a revenue generation agency that specializes in providing tailored strategies, actionable roadmap, and execution services for business leaders who are committed to developing a revenue generation focus in their organization.
With over 50 years of combined industry experience in revenue generation, Confluence team helps companies create a winning revenue generation engine within their organization addressing their strategy, resources, systems, processes & structure that affect their ability to generate revenue. The outcome is the creation of a robust “Revenue Generation Engine” that is able to deliver desired revenue outcome. Confluence then takes it further to assist companies to tailor design an action plan and Confluence team works hand in hand as part of the client’s revenue generation engine to execute that plan.


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