Reasons Your Content is Failing…and How to Save It!

October 10, 2022 Team CNFLNC

B2B content marketing has the power to help you reach a wider audience, strengthen and develop an attraction to your brand, and ultimately drive sales and leads. Content marketing is a marketing element that every B2B business should be using at this point. But what happens when your content does not perform as expected? In this blog post, we’re going to discuss common reasons your content may be failing and how you can fix it and experience the benefits of content marketing for your business.

1. You prefer quantity over quality

This is a very common mistake that we see in B2B content marketing. Marketers aren’t producing content to the best of their ability because they are too worried about how often they’re publishing a blog, sending out a newsletter, or posting on social media. While updating your customers often is very important, your content should be something you are proud of and it should also offer value to your customers.

2. You create content that quickly becomes outdated

When creating content, you want to make sure it does not half a shelf life. Think of your content as a resource to show potential clients how your products and services can help them, no matter what month, season, or year it is. Don’t forget to make it personable to the person reading it so they can think, “This is exactly what I’ve been needing!” when they read about what your B2B business can offer.

3. Not optimizing your content

So you’ve posted your latest piece of content – what is the first thing you check on to measure your content’s success? Impressions, shares, likes? Many marketers only pay attention to how many likes and shares their content has gotten and use that to measure their success. However, these should not be the only metrics for successful content. Remember to measure the downstream conversion that your content brings – it matters most to your business!

4. Not using content marketing appropriately

Do you know what kind of content is best for your business to produce? A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive your product or service that you offer is, to provide supporting information in the form of content. Focus on creating content that proves to your prospects why they should want to work with your business and use your products and services to make their business even better.

5. Forgetting about older content

Although the content may be older, you can always reuse and repurpose it! Review your older content and see which ones could still be relevant today if reworked. Update the information, change any titles or captions, and redo any hashtags to make your content up-to-date, which can boost its performance and even perform better than the original piece of content. Additionally, you could contact those similar in your industry and ask if you could publish a piece of content as a guest on their blog, or have them backlink your content on their site.

6. Having content that only suits one prospect

As you create your content, don’t forget about your early-stage prospects. Businesses tend to only focus on their prospects who are ready to go ahead and purchase their product or service. Your early-stage prospects could use your help too! Like we’ve mentioned earlier, your content needs to be personable to your audience and make them see the benefits of becoming one of your clients.

7. Not promoting your expertise

Every B2B business has something unique to offer that separates them from their competitors. Something that makes you unique is your team! Your team’s knowledge, skills, and expertise is one-of-a-kind. Ask your team members to help create content that promotes not only the value they bring to your business, but what they can bring to your customers. This helps to further establish your credibility and build trust with your customers.

8. You’re not paying attention to your competitors’

Expanding on our previous point, when looking at what differentiates your business from the rest, be sure to analyze what kind of content your competitors’ are producing. Is there anything that they are missing that you can fill in the gaps with your own content? Adjusting your content to tackle a different angle that your competitors aren’t covering is also known as a content tilt.


We cannot talk about content marketing without also talking about SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, plays a big part in customers discovering your content. A fundamental element of SEO is keywords – researching them, using them, and tracking how they rank your content on the search engine results page, also known as SERP. The best way to utilize your keywords is to distribute them strategically throughout your content. Part of researching your SEO keywords is knowing what your customers are searching for and what kind of keywords they might be using in their search.

10. Not committing to your content

Commitment to creating and publishing content is one of the most important indicators of content marketing success. If your team doesn’t have a strong commitment to content marketing, you might lose your audience’s attention. Each successful content marketing post builds upon the next. If you are operating with a campaign-like mentality or testing out different content marketing approaches to see how it performs – and you aren’t committed to the long haul – you won’t see long-term results.

While there are many more tips we can give on how to improve your B2B content marketing strategy, we believe these 10 common reasons for failing content can help you better understand what you can do to analyze and revise your content. If done right, B2B content marketing can aid in reaching a larger audience, build brand awareness for your company, and garnering sales and leads. Every B2B business should be taking advantage of content marketing to promote their business and reach their customers. Are you interested in B2B content marketing, but don’t know where to start? Contact our team today!


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